Head Instructor

Scott Schulze

Scott began his Bujinkan training in 1989 moving through several different Dojos before settling down under the instruction of Ed Lomax.

Since his initial tutelage under Ed, Scott has been very fortunate to receive training under a plethora of different instructors including Hatsumi Sensei, Nagato Sensei, Tim Bathurst and Sveneric Bogsater to name just a few.

Scott continues to travel to Japan and regularly attends training there twice a year on average. When in Japan Scott trains with Hatsumi Sensei, Nagato Sensei, Oguri Sensei, Seno Sensei, Noguchi Sensei, Someya Sensei and others if time permits.

In 2004 Scott was nominated for 10th Dan by Three (3) Shihan: Nagato Sensei, Ed Lomax and Tim Bathurst. The nominations were accepted by Hatsumi Sensei.

In 2009 Scott was nominated for Bujinkan's highest rank.

Scott has always been a big advocate of getting his students to experience the wonders of training in Japan, and is constantly pushing his students to save up and go over there.


Assistant Instructors

Liam Meyer (5th Dan)

I began my training in my late teens, and have continued on and off again for most of the last decade. In my travels I have trained in Dojos throughout Western Canada, the UK, Europe and Australia. I have been through over ten schools worldwide, and had the privilege of meeting some incredible people.

In 2010 I made two trips to Japan to learn under the Grand Master Hatsumi Masaaki and his highest students.

We are a close knit, friendly group, and as in the past, I have found a new home and family in the local Bujinkan. It’s a way of life, building relations, confidence, experience and discipline.

Training has enriched my life, and I can’t imagine ever giving it up. “Whatever path I take, whichever roads I roam, As long as there’s a Bujinkan, I’ll always have a home.”


Gary O'Donnell (8th Dan)

I have been training Ninjutsu since 1996, my current instructor is Scott Schulze. Previous instructors include Michael Slater, Ed Lomax and Darren Horvath.

Trained with international and Australian masters including Sveneric Bogaster, Mark O'Brien, Tim Bathurst, Andrew Beattie, Andrew Macdonald and Craig Olsen.

In 2007 I attended the Sydney Taikai & in 2010 visited Japan and trained with Hatsumi Sensei, Seno, Noguchi and Someya Sensei’s.

Have also studied Wing Chun with Felix Leon, kickboxing with Master Yatna and attended Iaido seminar with Grandmaster Sechaguchi Sensei.


Jamil Hall

I spent my younger years collecting a wide range of martial instruction including Wing Chun, Zen do Kai karate, and Muay Thai. Trained for nearly six years in Chung do Kwan taekwondo, participating in many competitions, and training other competitors. Eventually found my way to Scott’s dojo in late 2011, where the wide range of skills to learn provided the challenge I needed. Under Scott’s guidance, I was fortunate enough to receive my black belt in April of 2014.

I have also had the opportunity to attend seminars run by other instructors such as Tim Bathurst and Duncan Stewart.


Steven Fox

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