Adelaide Bujinkan Ninjutsu operates from 16A Bennett St, Thebarton and is designated as a "full time" dojo.

So you may ask what does this mean?

It means that our location is set up and available 24x7 for us. It is our dedicated Martial Arts Centre.

It means that we don't train out of the back room of a house or someone's garage; we don't train out of a school hall.

We have over 100sqm of mats to train on in a safe environment. 

There are a number of training weapons used on a regular basis, padded, wooden and steel. Students also have access to hanging punch and kick bags, as well as a selection of weights to aid them in their physical conditioning training.

On the walls hang various scrolls and paintings brought back from Japan by Scott and his students reflecting the budo spirit found in training. 


Dojo Etiquette

Class Structure