Dojo Etiquette

First and foremost, students must be aware of and adhere to the Guidelines for participation in the Bujinkan ». These are applicable to all Bujinkan students internationally.

Although we take a relaxed approach to the training, certain formalities are observed when giving and receiving instruction.

In the class, we do not use honorifics (Sensei, Mr, etc.) as a rule, but they are not inappropriate. Courtesy and respect between all training members, student and teacher, is the rule and is expected to be observed at all times.

Students should also be aware of etiquette that will make them more comfortable if there should be an opportunity to go to Japan and study, or if a Japanese instructor visits us.

In Japan there is, what is known as a sempai/kohai (or senior/junior) system. This system is not part of Australian culture - however, due to the inherent danger in all real martial arts training, more experienced members must ensure that new members are safe and feel so. It is also the senior students' responsibility to make all new training members and guests feel welcome in the dojo. New members must be observant and are encouraged to ask questions of the more experienced.